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Certificate – Radio & Television/Video Production

The Radio and Television/Video Production prepares students for entry-level employment in the radio/ television/video broadcast journalism industries. A radio and television producer is responsible for a show’s overall quality and ensures that all programs stay on schedule.

Certificate – Sports Broadcasting

Sports broadcasters write and report sports news for radio and television stations and other media outlets. The Sports Broadcasting Certificate prepares students for entry-level positions in radio, television, internet or cable television sports broadcasting. Students learn how to do play-by-play, color reporting, cover games by remote broadcasts on KBPK and on audio and internet streams. Upon successful completion of courses leading to the Sports Broadcasting Certificate, the student will be prepared to compose an employment package for entry-level employment in the sports radio industry as a sports reporter, sports producer and sports announcer.

Associate in Arts Degree – Radio Broadcasting

The Radio Broadcasting Associate in Arts Degree Program is designed to prepare students for entry level employment in Internet, radio broadcasting, audio production in the Film and Television industries, and/or independent audio production studio work. Radio broadcasters conduct interviews, play songs or read news and weather reports. They also announce station programming information, breaks for commercials and public service announcements.

Associate in Arts Degree – Radio Broadcast News

The Radio Broadcast News Associate in Arts degree provides the writing, production and on-air skills necessary for the student to enter the Radio Broadcast News, Traffic Reporting, or Radio Broadcast News field where they may work as producers, writers and broadcasters of newscasts, traffic reports and other on-air content at radio stations, traffic bureaus and production houses, and allows the student to transfer to a four year university.

Associate in Arts Degree – Radio Production

The Radio Production Associate in Arts Degree is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in radio broadcasting, employment in the Film industry as an audio editor and producer, employment in post-production for Film and TV, or employment within any industry requiring an audio expert, including corporate media, law enforcement and independent contractor work.

The Radio Program proudly boasts about many alumni, who prove the Program’s success daily in the Los Angeles/Orange County market (the second largest in the United States). Alumni includes: Michelle Kube and Mike Nolan, KFI producers; Casey Bartholemew, nationally syndicated talk show host and Program Director at 92-5 Fox News in Fort Myers, Florida; Vera Jimenez, TV Weather Reporter; Bill Thomas, TV helicopter reporter; and Christina Kelley, from K-Earth. There are many student alumni you hear and see on the California airwaves.

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The cost is $46 per unit. Non-resident tuition: $258 per unit PLUS enrollment fees (Non-Resident Tuition includes $19.00 Capital Outlay fee per Ed Code 76141).

Costs may vary; please visit website for more information:


Associate degree or certificate completion depends on program unit requirements and whether student is enrolled full-time or part-time.


For information on jobs in this industry sector and their median annual salaries visit:

Career opportunities:
• Associate Producer
• Executive Producer
• News Producer
• Newscast Producer
• Producer
• Promotions Producer
• Radio Producer
• Television News Producer
• Television Producer



Overall employment of reporters, correspondents, and broadcast news analysts is projected to decline 9 percent from 2016 to 2026. Employment of reporters and correspondents is projected to decline 10 percent, while employment of broadcast news analysts is projected to show little or no change from 2016 to 2026. Declining advertising revenue in radio, newspapers, and television will negatively affect the employment growth for these occupations.

Readership and circulation of newspapers are expected to continue to decline over the next decade. In addition, television and radio stations are increasingly publishing content online and on mobile devices. As a result, news organizations may have more difficulty selling traditional forms of advertising, which is often their primary source of revenue. Some organizations will likely continue to use new forms of advertising or offer paid subscriptions, but these innovations may not make up for lost print ad revenues.
Declining revenue will force news organizations to downsize and employ fewer journalists. Increasing demand for online news may offset some of the downsizing. However, because online and mobile ad revenue is typically less than print revenue, the growth in digital advertising may not offset the decline in print advertising, circulation, and readership.

News organizations also continue to consolidate and increasingly are sharing resources, staff, and content with other media outlets. For example, reporters are able to gather and report on news for a media outlet that can be published in multiple newspapers owned by the same parent company. As consolidations, mergers, and news sharing continue, the demand for journalists may decrease. However, in some instances, consolidations may help limit the loss of jobs. Mergers may allow financially troubled newspapers, radio stations, and television stations to keep staff because of increased funding and resources from the larger organization.

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Average Salary in this Field

$26,730 to

$143,800 Per Year

Careers in this Field

Associate Producer

Television Producer

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Fullerton College Named National Center of Academic Excellence for Cyber Defense

The Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency have designated Fullerton College’s Cybersecurity program as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD). The designation goes to accredited academic institutions offering cybersecurity degrees and/or certificates that meet rigorous requirements to produce exceptional cybersecurity professionals.

On the Cutting Edge: Fullerton College Machine Tech Student Richard Tallase

It’s one thing to learn the skills a job requires but quite another to actually land the job. But that’s exactly what Fullerton College machine technology student Richard Tallase was able to do with the support of Network Kinection, one of many extra support services being offered by Orange County’s community college career education programs.

OC Farm Bureau Donates $151,800 to Support Next Generation of Agriculturalists at Fullerton College

The Orange County Farm Bureau is establishing roots to build a pipeline from the classroom to industry for Fullerton College Horticulture students and graduates. The OC Farm Bureau generously awarded the Friends of Fullerton College Foundation with $151,800, which will be used to provide scholarships, internships, and develop a program that will guide students from the classroom to the workforce.

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Fullerton College is one of the greatest

“Fullerton College is one of the greatest options, not only in Southern California, but I think in all of California. When I came here, it was all about shaping me into being a better artist and to refine that skill set so that I could actually go into the work industry.”


– Francisco Gutierrez
Digital Arts


Character Artist at MGA Entertainment

“I’ve recently become a Character Artist at MGA Entertainment and I owe it all to the Digital Arts CTE program at Fullerton College. Every single class I took helped me build a portfolio that was competitive enough to land me a job where all of my coworkers come from private colleges, and I think that’s pretty cool. Not only are the classes very useful but the professors that teach them are as well. They have endless amounts of knowledge and experience in their fields and are super eager to help their students. I am very proud and grateful to have been a part of the CTE program and I can’t wait to see where I go in the future thanks to Fullerton College.”


– Rebecca Mora
Digital Arts